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Craigellachie Bridge

1812 Appeal For Funding (cont)

Following the appeal in 1812 to proprietors in the district below is a list of the Subscribers:

A List of Subscriptions for the Craig-Elachie Bridge

We the Subscribers, considering the many important advantages which would arise to the Police, Agriculture, Trade and Manufactures of this Kingdom in general, and more particularly to the Northern Counties of Scotland by a bridge over the Spey at Lower Craig-Elachie near Aberlour, do herby Bind and oblige ourselves our Heirs and Executors, to pay the respective Sums annexed to our names, for the purpose of erecting the said Bridge, and for the necessary accesses therto and operations connected therewith, and that to such person or persons , at such time or times, and that either in one sum or by instalments, all, as shall be authorized and directed by the Right Honourable The Board of Commissioners appointed by Parliament for making Roads and building Bridges authorized by General Meeting of Subscribers duly advertised for that purpose, and farther that such of us as shall grant heritable security or borrow money for defraying our Subscriptions under authority of the act or acts of Parliament in that behalf made, shall pay the same and grant the said Securities in such manner as the said Right Honourable Board of Commissioners shall direct and subject to all the enactments and provisions of the said Statutes.


£ S
Colonel Sir W.Grant Seafield Estate 1200  
Arndilly Mr & Mrs Macdowall Grant 300  
Ballindalloch 200  
Aberlour 200  
Mr Young for Kininvie 100  
Mr Grant of Elchies 300  
Lord Fife's Trustees 100  
Duke of Gordon 200  
Town of Forres 50  
Sir H Grant Esq. for himself & his father The Revd Mr Grant Abernethy 200  
P Keith Esq. M.P. 21  
Revd Dr. Nicol 5 5
Captain Grant of Tullochgorm Cromdale 2 2
A Gordon Esq. of Cairnfield Arradoul Buckie 5 5
Major Grant of Achermich (Auchernack Grantown) 5 5
Mr L.Dick Esq. Relugas Forres 5 5
B Lawson Esq. Ballimore Abernethy 5 5
Mr Fraser Castle Grant Grantown 10 10
Capt. Cumming, Ducharn, Carrbridge 5 5
Tennants in Mortlach & Cabrach (Crown Estate) thro' Mr Marshall Dandaleith 240  
B Abercromby Esq. M.P. 5 5
Morayshire Farmers Club 33 12
Mr Chalmers Aberdeen 2 2
People of Rothes & Provost Brown 175  
Mr Niven, Lumsden 5 5
Mr Urquhart of Meldrum 3 3
Mr Grant of Druminner, Rhynnie 5 5
Mr Farquharson, Breda 5 5
Mr Farquharson, Naughton 5 5
Mr Rannie, Cullen 5 5
Mr Staples, Cullen 3 3
Mr Jo.Ingram 2 2
Mr Grant, Culbin 5  
Mr A McWilliam, Bush 2  
Mr Rob Bremner, Hall (Hillhall) 4  
Mr James Gordon, Reyal 1  
Mr Jno Lobar, Cuminston 2  
The Revd. George Innes, Cullen 5 5
Subscriptions at Aberdeen    
Mr John McInnes, Dandaleith & Hillockhead 40  
James Grant Esq. Heathfield, Grantown 5 5
Revd. Lachlan McPherson, Knockando 10 10
Revd. Wm Grant, Inveravon 10 10
Sir Geo. Abercromby Bart. 10 10
Robert Warden Esq. 21  
Thomas Wilson Esq. Cullen House 31 10
A Wilson Esq. Cullen 10 10
Jas. Shearer Esq. Robertstown 50  
Mrs Grant of Elchies 20  
Righ Honble. Sir Wm. Grant 30  
Alex Grant Esq. of Tullochgriban, Dulnain Bridge 5 5
  3497 6

By October 1813 subscriptions had reached £4,000, the requisite 50% of Telford's estimate to attract a 50% government grant, and a contract for execuuting the work was agreed with Simpson & Wilson (Telford's most reliable contractors) and work at Craigellachie began.
Craigellachie Bridge officially opened 1st November 1814.

Click HERE » to read the Aberdeen Journal report on the newly opened bridge as reported on Tuesday November 9th 1814.